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Butler Chain Bass Fishing March 7th 2010

Butler Chain Bass Fishing- Orlando Bass Fishing Guides

Butler Chain Bass FishingButler Chain Bass orlando bass fishingThe first week of March has some good bass fishing on Butler Chain. This great body of water fishes very good when the waters are cold like they are. Water temperatures have been starting the day out in the mid 50’s and warming to almost 60’s degrees by days end. The main lakes we have been working out here have been lakes Butler, Pocket and Tibet and with some great success. Bass beds have popped up all over the place out here, and a key to catching bass for us has been to toss out baits in those general areas.

 Although we have not seen the females or the bucks on these beds, they have been in the general area, and have taken our baits, with some very nice bass being caught.
We are currently looking at a very nice warming trend for the second week of March, with air temperatures reaching into the upper 70’s, something we have not seen since early January! Definitely one of the coldest winters on record for Florida, but the bass have continued to play well for us. Be sure to check out my web site, as I am now selling Deep South Fishing Rods. My clients have been using these rods and love them.

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