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YUM introduces “F2” attractant and new baits

yumYUM Soft Plastics announces the introduction of F2, independently tested to be 30 percent more effective than the leading attractant. Six bait styles are infused with this powerful scent, and unlike other attractant-injected baits, YUM F2 retains its suppleness and “swimability.” They also don’t dry into hard, wrinkled and useless shrivels when left out of the package.

Attract. Enrage. Engage. F2, or Ferocity Squared, is a highly concentrated formula clinically tested by the Mississippi State University under the strictest scientific conditions. The result is documented proof that bass prefer YUM F2 by 30 percent. Additional advantages include its ability to be infused in traditional soft plastics in any shape, long-lasting effectiveness and continuous dispersal of scent.

YUM F2 is initially available in four new bait styles and two existing YUM baits. The new baits include the Wooly Bullee, a flippin’ style bait; the Mighty Bug, a six-legged creature bait in three sizes; the Sallee-mander, a 6-inch swimming lizard; and the Shakealicious Worm, a 6-inch shaky head worm with an undulating skirt at the head. YUM Dingers and Money Craws also have been infused with F2.

YUM F2 just took over the top spot in bass attractants. It’s documented. It’s been proven in the strictest clinical scientific testing. Bass prefer F2. It’s the most-effective attractant on the market. Look for F2 taking over your local tackle shop or at www.lurenet.com.

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