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Trigger Announces New Aggression Soft Bait Formula

MINNETONKA, Minn. (December, 2009) – Trigger X™ has created a pheromone that no fish can refuse with the new line of Aggression Formula soft baits, featuring Ultrabite® Aggression Pheromones™.

“The new line of Trigger X features a new pheromone blend,” explains Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions. “The new Aggression Formula is a blend of “fear” and “aggression” pheromones designed to trigger bites from actively feeding fish.”

The fear pheromones mimic those released from schools of frightened baitfish. Predator fish have evolved to respond to these pheromones and associate them with a food source. The aggression pheromones mimic those from other predator fish and are associated as competition to the predator fish, which makes predators want to feed.

“With the new Trigger X Aggression, anglers are armed with soft baits to turn inactive fish on and make actively feeding fish eat more – it’s the best of both worlds,” says Fisher.

Improved body shapes have been meticulously fine-tuned and the precise bio-salt infused formula matches the baits density to body shape for maximum action. The new line of Trigger X also features Phthalate-free composition that eliminates that “plastic” smell found in other soft baits.

Trigger X Aggression soft baits are designed to mimic natural forage shapes. They feature a significant ridge structure that creates a softer “lifelike” feel while increasing lure surface area and allowing increased pheromone distribution.

The new line of Trigger X Aggression is available in easy to handle black sealed bags and they come moist with the Ultrabite Aggression Formula so anglers don’t worry about anything spilling out.

Trigger The Bite. www.triggerx.com.

Suggested retail price: $4.99.


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