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Lazer TroKar joins collegiate bass fishing sponsors

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Forget everything you know about hooks…the rules have changed! The awe-inspiring Lazer TroKar fishhooks are for those who aren’t just out to catch fish, but are out to win.

In order to produce the wickedest fishhooks ever made, the product development team at Lazer TroKar worked with a high-tech producer of surgical needles as well as top professional anglers Skeet Reese, Shaw Grigsby Jr., Brent Chapman and Gerald Swindle to create the highest quality, technique specific line of fishhooks on the planet.

The patented geometric triangular hook point is honed on all three edges to surgical sharpness, resulting in a hook that penetrates twice as fast as any other with only half the pressure. Hook sharpness is critically important to anglers but so is hook strength. Therefore, TroKar utilizes a proprietary Q741 wire and a bolstered shank design to create a hook strong enough even to withstand the rigors of fishing with braided line.

“Partnering with the BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series has been an exciting project. There is phenomenal fishing talent within the ranks of the participating collegiate anglers, and we are thrilled to have them fishing the sharpest hook on the planet…Lazer TroKar, “stated Matt Gray, TroKar Hook Manager.

Collegiate anglers will appreciate the unsurpassed quality of Lazer TroKar hooks every time they set the hook during the 2010 BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series. As the official fishhook of the BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series, Lazer TroKar will reward top finishing collegiate anglers at each event with an assortment of hooks ranging in value from $100 – $500.

“We’re excited to add Lazer TroKar to the growing number of companies that support collegiate bass fishing through this dynamic tournament series. The Lazer Trokar award and incentive program further benefits collegiate bass anglers and will help them land more fish,” stated Wade Middleton, Tournament Director.

For more information about Lazer TroKar hooks, visit www.lazertrokar.com .

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