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Lake Toho Bass Fishing

My client Paul Fisler had been telling me about a new spinner bait he had found
and was bringing with him on his trip. This spinner bait can be seen at HoleShotTackle.com
Pauls first cast of the day landed this bass. We had a very good day numbers wise today.

When fishing on Lake Toho, or any body of water in Central Florida, one of the best go to search baits other than a rattle trap type bait is a spinner bait. These baits can be set up in various ways. From color to size, weight, and blade styles, these lures can pretty much can bass year long here in Florida. True you always want some kind of ripple on the water from a slight breeze, but many people will put down the spinner bait in favor of something else when the weather gets cold down here, or the wind picks up too much for them.

Key to fishing the spinner bait is really a lot on how you work it. Hotter days and when the sun is at its brightest, we tend to “slow roll” them, meaning we work them much slower than normal, almost letting it bounce off the bottom at times, or just “ticking” the tops of the submerged weed beds. This can and will trigger some very aggressive strikes.

One of the most interesting spinner baits I have come across is the one from Hole Shot. These spinner baits have a unique blade set up, as the blades are punched with holes. The blades being designed like this help to push water and create more vibration in the water column, which will attract bass from a distance, remember, bass have that lateral line, which can detect the vibration and draws them to the bait or lure you are using.

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