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Johns Lake Bass Fishing report for November 2009

Johns Lake Bass Fishing report for November 2009

Johns Lake BassNovember has been a pretty good month for bass fishing on Johns Lake. We have had several trips out on Johns Lake and  for the most part of the month there is been consistent schooling action going on. Deer Island Cut is usually the best bet for the schooling action first thing in the morning, but as we witnessed on a trip with clients, who were fishing for strictly pan fish, the schooling action can kick in just about anywhere on this great body of water.

Johns Lake BassSpinner baits and blade baits have been the best producers out here and usually in wide open waters. Mid lake seemed to be one of the best areas to keep a consistent catching action going on. Docks had been holding limited amount of action skipping wacky rigged Gitem K.O’s  and Gene Larew craws.

We did notice a big drop in the bite when we got hit with a very good cold front for Thanksgiving and word from the dock was this cold front really turned on the crappie bite. Schooling action on Johns Lake will with no doubt continue through March as usual with some five plus pounders coming out of these schools of bass.
With the major spawn just around the corner now, we fully expect another great season on Johns Lake throwing everything from 10 inch worms to swim baits again. With water levels up, and tons of flooded timber, bass will have all the cover needed so we expect to see some bass beds in some hard to work areas, this will make for yet another great action packed season.

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