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Berkley Spooling Station

Berkley Portable Line Spooling Station

Berkley hit the head on the nail when they created this awesome spooling station.As a fishing guide, we tend to spend a lot of time always respooling our reels to make sure we allow our clients the best possible situation when it comes to landing that dream bass. With old line on your reels, it’s just too easy to suffer that heart breaking moment, when you see your bass jump, or get hung in the slop and POOF! The line breaks.

We all know, one of the most tedious parts to bass fishing, is always making sure your line is in good shape, which means constantly having to put fresh line on your reels, which, when you start talking 10 or more reels, can be very time consuming and can take up the better part of the evening.Berkley has made life much easier with the creation of this spooling station, and if for some reason you actually have free time on the water, you can respool a reel in no time at all. This station come complete with the line stripper, which I have used to strip line off of 8 reels at one time, which when your respooling reels every week, will save you a lot of time and probably a lot of money in Band-Aids!Your reels will comfortably sit in the secured handle, spinning reels, bait casters and even for fly reels.

 When you put your spool of line on the bar, you can adjust the tension of the line as it goes on the reel, which also helps eliminate the down time of trolling your line off the back of the boat to get tension on the line and to help eliminate those nasty coils that will eventually get you with a nasty back lash or rats nest.Bonus to the whole deal, you can have your reels spooled up in a fraction of the time it used to take you, which gives you more time on the water doing what your supposed to do, and that’s FISH! I personally bought mine at Bass Pro Shops, but have not seen them listed on their web site as of late, but they can be purchased at your local Wal Mart, or at Wal Mart online.

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