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Bass Fishing report first week of March

Florida Bass Fishing GuidesTom and Mike came for some bass fishing action on Lake Jackson and had the perfect weather conditions, minus some cloud cover. Tom has done several trips with me now and has always done a great job at catching some nice bass. Mike was not going to be left behind as we all hit lake Jackson in search of some big florida bass.

We started and ended our day in what I like to call the “back 40” Nothing but slop and shallow water back here, and as long as there is a slight breeze kicking up the bass fishing action is hot!

We had calm winds most of the time but the guys kept on tossing their lures to get their catch of I believe a dozen bass. We saw plenty of big boils on the water, which back here means big bass, but we had a tough time getting them to smack our offerings. June bug and watermelon red senko type baits were the choice bait, as they have been for the better part of two weeks now. You want to catch these bass out here, your best bet is to think shallow water and work tight to cover, flipping has not produced much of anything, but swimming the senkos has been on fire for us.

Florida Bass FishingToday was a run out on Lake Jackson with the Seeger clan. Plan was to start the day out with wild shiners and then start tossing some soft plastics around going after some big bass. First spot we hit was an area that had been producing some good quality bass for us on past trips. Well the bite in that area had slowed to a crawl for us, so we made our move to what I call the back 40 and the bass started to bite.

Lake Jackson Bass FishingIn no time at all we burned through four dozen shiners with everyone catching bass and having a blast. It was no stop entertainment out here with the jokes flying around and everyone setting hooks on some nice bass. We did get the total mix today with some very big bowfin and a couple chain pickerel also being caught.

Once the winds started to pick up we headed deeper into the shallows and worked some soft plastics, mostly Yum Dingers to catch a couple more bass which were hanging tight to cover. The day was made very easy for myself with the Dig In Anchor, as all I had to do was set the anchor and bait the hooks for everyone. Nothing better than a great day on the water and Jim and his family made the day very entertaining and kept me pretty busy netting all the bass they were catching.

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