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Angler Innovations

Angler Innovations
By Greg Biesecker

Angler Innovations Rod Jacket for Baitcasting rodsAngler Innovations Rod Jacket for spinning rodsAngler Innovations is a company founded by and dedicated to fishermen and their love of the sport. The company was born on the water by two tournament bass anglers when they realized a need for quality fishing accessories that were unavailable. As they considered the rather large investment they had in rods, reels and tackle it was apparent that there was a limited product offering on the market to protect their equipment. A search of the retail sport fishing outlets, internet and numerous industry shows indicated the lack of a one piece rod and reel cover that could be aesthetically pleasing with a custom fitted look that would hold up to the rigors of  heavy use and so the “Rod Jacket” was born.

The first task they encountered in developing the “Rod Jacket” was to find a material that would incorporate all of the features necessary for a rod and reel cover that could be form fitted, have that custom look, could hold up to heavy use and could withstand the elements and problems found around the water. To address these problems the material needed to be U V stabilized, mold, mildew and corrosion resistant and needed the ability to remain soft and supple so the cover could be installed and removed from the rod and reel with ease.. They also wanted a material that would allow for the rod and reel to be fully rigged at all times. The line needed to be protected and the hook or lure fastened in place without the hooks becoming entangled in the cover material while still affording full protection to the rod blank, guides and rod tip.

They also needed a material that could be incorporated into a design suitable for both casting and spinning rod and reel combo models. Since the design of these two types of rods and reels are so different, there are few materials suitable to meet all of the criteria stated here to develop a cover for both of these rod and reel combinations. The search led them to a form of neoprene that would meet all of their specifications and would have the added benefit of stretch allowing them to develop four models of the Rod Jackets that would cover the rod and reel combinations used by most anglers today. At present there are two casting models and two spinning models that fit rod and reel combinations from 6-6” to 7-6” in length and each is a one piece cover.

 Angler Innovations realizes that an angler has given a great deal of thought as to which combo is exactly right for the type of fishing they enjoy. Regardless of whether you fish in fresh or saltwater, Angler Innovations believes that you will reach the same conclusion as they did regarding the protection of that rod and reel.  For a fraction of the purchase price of a new rod and reel combo consider The Ultimate Protection” The Rod Jacket”. Please visit us at our web site www.anglerinnovationsusa.com for additional information about this product and other products that will debut shortly.

Greg Biesecker
Founder/Co Owner
Angler Innovations

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