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7 pound bass

Here is a 7 pound bass caught on live bait

 Day two with Kevin on Johns Lake was yet another productive day for bass fishing in Florida. The first day we had spent working lures for NGC Sports, these were the Bite Light Lures, and Kevin wanted to get some footage for them for an infomercial. Well that went great, so that gave us the second day to enjoy some time on the water and just do some fun fishing.

Kevin had told me that coming from up north, he never really tried using wild shiners, as what he said they use chubs when they live bait fish, well our shiners are much bigger than the baits he was used to using so he asked me to toss a few around so he can see how it was done.

We started the day out in the Deer Island Cut on Johns Lake, we set one line out with a float on, and the other line was just free lined so the wild shiner could swim freely. We managed to catch a few smaller bass, and missed several others as the bass would just smack the shiners to stun them, but not really take the bait.

I was considering making a move to a different area when we noticed the free lined shiner was moving around pretty good, I went to hand the rod to Kevin, but he wanted me to work to see how it was done, he said he would get the next one. Well I reeled down till I felt her on the line and set the hook. To my surprise there really was not too much of a fight, so I was thinking it was a smaller bass, but when she surfaced and we got a look, we knew it was a good bass. The weight of this big bass was just a shade over 7 pounds, now imagine if it would have been spawning season, this definitely would have been a solid trophy bass.

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