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Vicious Ink makes coloring braided line easy
vicious inkDORA, Ala. – Vicious Ink solves the aggravation of hacking up a marker with a special “V” cut applicator tip that makes coloring braided fishing lines simple and easy.

The lightweight marker comes in an environmentally-friendly dark Moss Green ink that goes on all types or sizes of braided line and dries quickly. Team Vicious anglers give it a big thumbs up.

“I’ve used just about every brand of green, black, and brown ‘permanent’ marker I could find since braided line came on the fishing scene and I haven’t been happy with a single one – mostly because the ink just wouldn’t hold up to the abuse you put your fishing line through,” said Vicious pro Kevin Short of Arkansas.

“Vicious Ink will outlast any other marker by hours. With the Vicious Ink chisel point tip and built-in line slot, you can quickly and easily color your Vicious Braid (or any other brand).”

Colored braided lines fade after long-term use due to wear during retrieves, ultraviolet rays, weather conditions and exposure to cover such as wood, rocks and vegetation. Dark lines turn dull and green lines begin to look gray. A few swipes of the braid centered in the Vicious Ink applicator and you’re back in business to conceal the line for a long time.

Vicious Ink also works above the water, especially with high-visibility braided lines. If you’re flipping cover that is 10 feet deep, use Vicious Ink to mark a segment of line 10 feet up from the lure. The darkened area serves a strike indicator of sorts, helping you discern bites easier – especially as the bait’s falling — for a quicker hookset.

Vicious pro Gerald Swindle of Alabama said all brands of line have some discoloration at some point, and “we’re not going to be the company that says our line doesn’t fade. But we’re going to help you stay ahead of that curve with something that’s easy to use.”

Short said to make sure your line is dry before application to ensure quality coverage. “Allow it to dry completely and you’re good for the better part of a day’s flipping through the nastiest stuff,” he said. “Need a touch up during the day? No problem. Just allow the line to dry or cut down to a new section of line (you need to re-tie anyway), re-apply Vicious Ink, allow it to dry, and you’re back in business.”

Vicious Ink is durable, too, as Vicious pro Pete Ponds of Mississippi discovered after he got ugly with his line and ink.

“With a little help from Team Vicious and some abuse from myself – being dragged behind the boat at 70 mph for a few hours – these markers have staying power and I can comfortably say it will not fade,” Ponds said. “With the V tip applicator, it is a must in my tackle box. There have been many trips to the Office Depot with the hopes of finding the right color, only to be disappointed. Now the colors that I have been looking for are available in one small package of Vicious Ink.”

Vicious Ink will be available for $2.99 each in February 2010. About Vicious: Vicious Fishing, a division of JBS Fishing based in Dora, Ala., includes Vicious-branded monofilament, co-polymer and braided lines for freshwater bass, catfish, panfish, walleye, musky and saltwater species, along with casual lifestyle apparel. JBS Fishing is dedicated to performance and reliability, and strives to ensure that our top quality fishing products will always perform better than you expect. Visit us online at Vicious-Fishing.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/viciousfishing

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