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Thee Fishermans Soap

Thee Fishermans SoapFolks I have to tell you I see a lot of new product all the time in the fishing industry, but this one really has me excited. I spend a lot of time on the water, which like many of you means taking some kind of snack or even a sandwich out on the water so we can eat during the day. Now you start catching bass and unhooking them to release them back into the water, or worse yet you have to handle live wild shiners, your hands will smell like bait or bass for the rest of the day.

Along comes Thee Fisherman’s Soap. The bottle is only 4 ounces so it will not take up any space on your boat and this soap gets rid of all that odor that comes with bass fishing, or any fishing for that matter. Good friend and professional bass fisherwoman Mary DiVincenti, the 2003 WBFA World Champion sent me a bottle down to try it out and it was awesome. Two small drops on your hands, a little water and you were good to go. That means no more thinking you’re eating a fish sandwich when it really a ham sandwich because the soap has eliminated all that fish smell from your hands.

Thee Fisherman’s Soap is also biodegradable so it is safe for the environment and does a great job of cleaning out the live wells on the boat to make sure the bait or the tournament bass are not in a dirty live well that could cause them to die off. All too often I have heard of guys cleaning their live wells with bleach to get them clean, and then having troubles getting rid of that bleach smell. Well here is the perfect product to solve all those problems.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just on the boat things. If you do fish fries, hopefully crappie and not bass, or you love any kind of sea food and handle it to prepare it for cooking, this is the perfect soap for getting that fish smell off your hands, it even gets that smell of onions out too! With the wide range of options to use this soap, I would have to say the options are unlimited. Get yourself a bottle at www.Fishermanssoap.com and see for yourself, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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