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“Ice Center” centralizes ice fishing products for anglers

“Ice Center” centralizes ice fishing products for anglers 
frabillJackson, WI – It doesn’t take much time on the ice to realize that tip-up fishing lies at the center of a lot angler’s universes. These flag-bearing “fish traps” are everywhere; that’s because they remain the most efficient tool available for tracking down and snaring a nice batch of pike, walleyes, trout or even panfish. In a nutshell, if you’re an ice angler, you likely own a collection of these handy devices. Problem is, finding all the items you need to get rigged up right isn’t an easy task.

In this spirit, Frabill – bonafide leaders in tip-up design – recently unveiled “Ice Center,” a complete line of entirely new products tailored to enhance the tip-up fishing experience. It’s more than a quality series of ice fishing products, though, Ice Center is an ingenious retail concept that makes shopping for ice tackle a simple pleasure.

“Anglers will immediately notice Ice Center when they walk into their favorite tackle store this fall,” says Frabill Marketing V.P., Jeff Kolodzinski. “It makes a pretty bold statement. Best thing about Ice Center is that it centralizes all these vital pieces of ice tackle into a single display. No more wandering up and down the aisles to find those clip-on depthfinders, leader rigs or a set of mouth spreaders. It’s all in the Ice Center, and then some.”

“Tip-up fishing is a system,” says professional ice guide and Frabill pro, Captain Pat Kalmerton. “It deserves its own section in tackle stores-a place where the tip-up guy can go and get what he needs. Ice Center features some pretty slick stuff, too-high quality VMC Hooks and pre-tied Lure and Bait rigs made with premium Suffix fluorocarbon. If tip-up fishermen need it, it’s in the Ice Center.”

Frabill’s new Leader Rigs (2 per pack) feature an 18-inch section of Suffix fluorocarbon in 6-, 8-, and 10-pound test. The rigs feature a VMC Cone Cut Treble on the business end. A variation, the Frabill Lure Rig, sports a tiny spinner blade above the hook, which make them a legal offering in states like Minnesota. For the enterprising angler, Ice Center also includes separate VMC Trebles and Octopus bait hooks, Barrel Swivels, Split Shot, line markers, clip-on depthfinders, and spools of 30-pound test Dacron tip-up line.

Tip-up fishing calls for the right set of tools, which Ice Center has in abundance. Frabill’s hot new LineSaber-a dual line cutter and glow lure charger – as well as Fishermen’s Pliers, Curved Forceps, Mouth Spreader and Combo Tool Kits are all at your fingertips.

“Frabill is the clear-cut leader in tip-up products and accessories,” says Kalmerton. “Their Pro-Thermal tip-ups, as well as their Classic Series, and sweet accessories like the new Lil’ Shiner Tip-Up Light prove it. I love that I’ll now be able to get everything I need for a day on the ice in one convenient spot. That’s time I used to waste when I could have been fishing!”

Frabill, Inc. (Jackson, Wis.) is celebrating 71 years of building the most trusted gear in the fishing industry. Frabill’s ice fishing product mix consists of portable ice fishing shelters, rod and reel combos, tip-ups, bait containers, portable aeration and other related accessories. Open water products include landing nets, portable aeration, bait containers, bait care, bait traps and seines, and other accessories. Visit www.frabill.com.


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