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Kissimmee Chain and Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report March 2006

 Orlando Bass Fishing Report

Kissimmee Chain

Fish the chain has been a mixed bag of tricks the last few weeks. Weather being the biggest factor of them all. From great picture perfect days to cold snaps and high winds have limited areas of good fishing. Shiners on the bad days has been the ticket to getting not only numbers but also size.

Freelined and slow trolled along grass beds has been the best way to really get the action started. Anchored up and pitched freelined to reeds has also been very good for both numbers and size up to 7 pounds. When the conditions are right, lower wind speeds, pitching Gitem Sugars into potholes in the grass beds has produced some very nice chunks.
Photos being added to web site shortly, some can be viewed at the Gitem web site already. GitemBaits.com

Butler Chain

Today we scouted for trips on Butler Chain.Waters look very good as usual with visability in areas up to or greater than 7 feet.
We worked several of the lakes to include Lake Down, Little Lake Down,Lake Louise and Lake Isleworth.
Several schools of bass busted water in Lake Louise and another up in Lake Isleworth. Spent the day tossing Gitem K.O and Long A’s catching several good solid bass to cap off a great day.

Lake Monroe
Spent Saturday out on Lake Monroe for local club tournament. Working very shallow hydrilla was key to catching 35 bass all on Gitem Toads with the chunker coming in at 5.95 pounds. Picture can be viewed at GitemBaits.com

Butler Chain

Butler Chain as of late has really been starting to heat up in a very good way.
Lakes Down and Blanche have been leading the pack as for picking up both size and numbers
on a wide range of baits. Gitem Toads and Gitem KO’s have been good baits out on the chain along with Gitem AKA’s and Zoom Lizards. Key has been just off the grass edges were deep drop offs are located, ranging from 5 foot of water to a drop off anywhere from 12 to 18 foot of water. Bass have been moving up and down all week long.
Last several trips have produce some good numbers and QUALITY bass being capped off with a very nice solid 7 pounder.

This often overlooked chain of lakes has some great bass fishing and is often refered to as “a northern” lake with its clean and deep waters, with several holes reaching 39 to 41 feet deep. This chain is a definate break from the typical florida waters where you need to step out of the box. Wide ranges of lures can and will produce some serious limits, Mepps Minnows and WeedWalks are just 2 lures that, altho not thought of very much can and will produce on this great chain of Lakes.

Butler Chain

This past week has seen us out on Butler Chain with shiner and artificial bait trips.
With great weather all week long the bite had really turned on. Morning bite with shiners generally started out a little on the slow side picking up one here and one there on Lakes Down and Little Lake Down. As the water temps warmed by noon time the action had really picked up great, Shad could been seen schooled up and getting blow up on by some good schools of bass, several which fell victim to shiners and Gitem Toads.

Gitem KOs in Red Bass worked around grass beds and deep water hydrilla saw several bass to 6 pounds being caught. Most bass were caught in waters 10 to 18 feet deep with a few others coming in waters 2 to 5 feet.

Todays trip 3-24-2006 saw the bass coming from very heavy hydrilla on a combination of worms with ¼ ounce weight worked slowly thru the hydrilla and Gitem Toads in white or Rainbow colors. Lakes that were the producers today were Lake Tibet and Lake Sheen. Weather today was a complete 180 turn from the rest of the week, with the high of only 72 and high winds 15-20mph. Water levels are down some on the chain so pay attention when moving in the canals from lake to lake as there are some with branches and water pipes for yard sprinklers.

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