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Fishing journal entries with new online site

hunt fishThe pros agree a detailed fishing journal is a key to success, but who wants to carry a notepad on the water? Who wants to spend an hour writing everything down after a long day of catching fish? Enter “Fishing by HuntFishTracker.com.” Now you’re only a quick, and most importantly FREE iPhone download away from permanently capturing all of the information that used to slip away.

Fishing automatically updates location, weather, gps data and a host of other trip information and gives you the ability to customize additional data to fit your fishing style. They say the Devil is in the details, and now the details are right in the phone you’re already wearing on your hip. Specifics like your favorite rods, reels, line and lures can be saved ahead of time so a simple click will enter how you caught (or didn’t catch) each fish, and all data is automatically saved on a server awaiting the inevitable dunking that comes to every angler.

Don’t trust your fishing statistics to your memory. Check it out at HuntFishTracker.com today.

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