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Fisher’s Choice Crickets

Fisher's Choice Baits by TimbuktuWith a day of rest what does a bass fishing guide in Florida do? Well today I hit the waters of East Lake Toho with a new bait in hand. Today I was doing things a little different. Instead of chasing the bass around the lake I opted to go after a totally different species of fish. Florida Crappie!

East Lake Toho has been known for a long time to have some pretty good crappie fishing and I decided to target them today with the new bait from Timbuktu. This bait is called Fisher’s Choice and the one I chose to use today was the Crickets. Having used live crickets many times for catching crappie, using crickets from a can was a different twist for sure.

Normally the day would start out trying to get only one cricket out of the carrier or trying to chase down the ones that slipped out before they hit the water or found a hiding spot on the boat. Today was a nice change of pace. Just simply opening up a can and slipping a cricket on the hook. No more crickets scurrying around the boat trying to get away.

I slow trolled them today and got a handful of crappie for my rewards. Casting them was very easy, as the legs stayed intact making the bait much more enticing to the crappie. The crickets are soft and moist and did a get job for me. Spider rigging was the way to go out here with the crickets. Slow trolled they held up great and did what they were supposed to do, and that’s catch the crappie. They also offer Night Crawler, Wax Worms and Super Worms. Check them out at Fisherschoicebait.com

These cans hold over 80 crickets per can and very reasonably priced at Bass Pro Shops for only $9.99 per can. If you don’t use them right away, that is no problem, if the can is unopened it will have a shelf life of up to two years, and once they are opened will be good for up to two weeks. How can you go wrong with that!

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