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Dig In Anchors

Dig In Anchor Stern MountAs the owner of Florida Bass Fishing Guides and professional bass angler here in the state of Florida, I see a lot of new products come and go. Some hang around a lot longer than they should, simply because of creative marketing. Recently I had a gentlemen contact be about becoming an affiliate for his product. I did a lot of research on this product and decided I wanted more than just an affiliate relationship with this company.

Dig In Anchors is the company, and I now have the anchor system installed on the bow and stern of my Stratos. This is a shallow water anchor system that is very easily installed on any boat. With a simple battery drill I installed both units on my boat in under 30 total minutes, and it was done right at the boat ramp!

Although this is considered a “shallow” water anchor, I have found this works just great with my Florida Bass Fishing trips. Most of our fishing is done in less than 8 foot of water here and with the 10 and 12 foot poles for the anchor system, this has worked great for me and my clients on our bass fishing trips.

Dig In Anchor Bow MountCurrently I use the eight foot pole for the stern mount and the ten foot pole for the bow mount system. This has made my job much easier just for the fact I no longer have to toss out two anchors to hold the boat in place anymore. The old style anchors have done their job at holding the boat in place when we are fishing with live bait, but the issue with them has always been when you go to pull up anchor, seems like you pull a ton of the lake bottom with you that you will now have to shake off and generally get all over your boat.

This system has also meant that there is no longer that long tangled up rope with the chain on it, that alone can be a nightmare to deal with and also will take up a lot of storage space on your boat. How well does it work? I recently did a trip out on Lake Jackson here in Central Florida. The day started out very nice with calm to no wind to speak of. The spot we were working just kept reloading with bass so I anchored up to hold my spot. Two hours into the day, the wind picked up with gusts to 20mph, and the boat held its position with the Dig In Anchor System.

I had looked into the other systems out there and got sticker shock when I saw the prices for them, and that was not even installed. Some were costing up to 300 to install them with all the wiring and hydraulics and then you have to consider the other hidden never talked about problem. I personally know of someone with the “other” product. Loaded his boat on the trailer down in the keys and made the drive home. He had the remote in his pocket and managed to hit the button, which deployed the anchor, somehow he did not notice this, and of course going down the turnpike no one told him! Needless to say, it chewed up the pole pretty bad.

Dig In Anchors has hit a home run with this product. Never having to worry if the hydraulics fail on the water, no tube standing up in your way at the back of the boat. Now think of this, you have one power pole installed on the back of the boat, what will stop the wind from spinning the front of the boat around? Adding another power pole to the back. You want to spend a couple grand for that or a couple hundred for a product that anyone can install on their own in a matter of minutes? This system is as it says, easy to install and easy to use. Check them out at www.diginanchors.com

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