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XCalibur XRK

 XCalibur XRK One Knocker series complete with new rattler

xcaliburXCalibur’s XRK One Knocker series of lipless crankbaits is complete with the addition of the new XRK25, the smallest of the family of unique-sounding lures. The One Knocker’s single tungsten-lead ball bearing rattle is the difference. When every angler on the lake is throwing multi-rattle baits, the unique sound of the One Knocker continues to fool wary bass.

XCalibur’s One Knocker Series now includes sizes of 1-ounce, ¾-ounce and ½-ounce in addition to the new ¼-ounce size, making it easy to match the size of the baitfish no matter the time of year. The new XRK25 features inline hooks that rest against the body on the retrieve to promote a straight and true retrieve, and to keep it more snag-free, especially when banged into cover. The etched scale patterns and detailed gill plates, 3-D red eyes and baitfish profile create a visually appealing appearance to fish and fishermen alike. The loud “thump” of the rattle attracts fish, and the appearance gives them nothing but confidence that they are getting a free lunch. Plus, its aerodynamic shape casts like a rocket.

The 1/4-ounce XRK25 comes in 18 color patterns including Foxy Shad, Foxy Momma and Toledo Gold. For more information go to www.lurenet.com. MSRP $6.99.

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