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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Live Bait

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Video

This day we used some live bait and caught a few good Largemouth bass before switching to artificial baits.

Central Florida Bass Fishing will cover many lakes. From Butler Chain of Lakes to Conway Chain, on over to Lake Toho. All of these lakes are within 20 minutes of all three major theme parks. Butler Chain is the closest lake to Disney World and can offer some very good bass fishing. Live wild shiners are typically one of the best baits of choice out here, or on any lake in Central Florida for catching those trophy largemouth bass. I get many clients that come down on that Disney vacation and they also love to bass fish, and this chain of lakes has everything they could ever want in Central Florida Bass Fishing.

This particular video was done on world famous Lake Toho. Lake Toho as everyone knows is probably the best place for bass fishing when it comes to catching the trophy bass in central Florida. Mix in Lake Cypress, Lake Kissimmee, Lake Rosalie, and lake Hatchineha and you have what is probably the best bass fishing in the world hands down.

Kissimmee Chain of lakes is well known to many as a place that will produce some serious trophy bass year round using the wild shiners, but it will also produce them using artificial baits as well. Some of the best baits out here are the zoom horny toad, the senko’s and prop baits. With the vast amount of vegetation out here, the areas of catching bass are unlimited and the techniques you can use are endless out here. Hydrilla is one of the key areas of many anglers focus, as the bass will relate to this cover, and when they do, one of the best options is flipping a meaty Gene Larew craw. Check back often as I will be adding more videos of bass catching with the different lures we like to use.


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