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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Live Bait

Yushi and Atsushi doing some live bait fishing on Lake Toho using wild shiners

Lake Toho Bass Fishing has always been known as one of the best lakes in the world for bass fishing. Every year thousands of people come here to bass fish this great body of water. This does not even count the extreme numbers of bass tournaments that will take place, almost every weekend out here.

You would think with all the bass fishing pressure Lake Toho gets, that the bass fishing would drop off. Well folks, the bass are still here and they are still biting. Thanks to C.P.R , Catch Photograph and Release, the bass fishing here has been nothing short of great.

The cooler months have definitely been the better months for fishing. Stable and cooler water temperatures keep the bass feeding at a pretty steady pace all day long. This will also trigger some of the best top water bass fishing around.

Clients from all around the world come here for some great bass fishing action, and every now and then I have a chance to video tape some of the action they get. Live bait is a sure fire way to get a youngster hooked on bass fishing, and the wild shiners we have here are the best quality you can get.

December is probably one of the three most productive months of the year. We will catch some good numbers as well as some quality sized largemouth bass during the month. Although wild shiners are one of the best bass baits for this time of year, you can still catch the bass no problem with a wide range of artificial lures.

Spinner Baits, Strike King Red Eye Shads, buzz baits and the typical seven and ten inch worms will yield some quality bass, not only on lake toho, but Butler Chain, Conway Chain and East Lake Toho as well.

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