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Lake Toho Bass Fishing, Final report for 2009

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass FishingThe end of December proved to be yet another good week of bass fishing on Lake Toho.
Southern end of the lake is still producing some good numbers for us. Live bait has been a big key to catching bass on a consitant basis but the artificial bite is was still producing some good catches.


Most of our time had been spent targeting reeds and scattered patches of lily pads with some pretty good success.
Lake Toho Bass FishingYushi and his son Atsushi had one awesome day out here, not only catching some good numbers, but also some quality bass at a steady pace. Water temperatures were running right around 59 degrees which did have the bass somewhat scattered, but as long as we were within casting range of the reeds and pads with our shiners, the bass played pretty good.

With the artificial baits, Gitem K.O’s wacky rigged and twin Liz was the definate way to go. Altho the bite with artificials was more of a light tap and not the wanted aggressive hit, allowing the bass to swim a few extra seconds with your bait was the trick. Keeping track of every cast you made was needed, as these bass would lightly grab the bait and slowly swim away from cover to deeper waters, several times clients have made casts, and did not feel a thing until their bait was within feet of the boat. This is not uncommon, especially when the waters get cold like this.

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