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Crank Bait Bass Fishing

Here is a video of catching bass on crank baits


Kevin came down to try to get some video footage catching bass on the bite light lure. When we talked on the phone about setting up a day, Kevin had asked for two days to play it safe, since he had tried once before on Lake Fork, but a cold front had rolled through and the bite had disappeared for them.

I had assured Kevin we were having great weather and there would be no problem accomplishing what he was looking to do. But we still set aside two days for him.

When Kevin arrived at our meeting place, which for this day was Johns Lake, you could not have asked for better weather. Air temperature was perfect, just a little cool to start the day off. We headed to our first spot and Kevin instantly started catching bass on the bite light lure which was a lot like the rattle trap. Am I a believer yet? No I am not, catching a few bass in this area is usually easy as they do like to school up in this area at times.

We moved to our second spot and Kevin switched to the crank bait version of the bite light lure. Water was very calm, and no signs of life around, we did not even see any bait fish on the graph. Kevin started out reeling a little too fast so I signaled for him to slow down his retrieve a little bit, and BAM it was game on, as he boated two quality bass in a short period of time.

The end result was a good number of bass being caught on a lure that I must admit I was pretty skeptical about, but they did end up performing pretty good. The bass today that were caught were all of schooling size bass, but the action was pretty steady, and the guys managed to accomplish what they were looking to do, and in a half a day. So day two was fun fishing.

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