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Central Florida Bass Fishing has been doing very good this year. Covering lakes like World Famous Lake Toho, East Lake Toho, Lake Jackson and of course Butler Chain of Lake we have been having a great time bass fishing in Florida. Butler Chain of Lakes offers some of the best Disney area bass fishing around. Many folks from all over the world come for that vacation dream of Disney World and they love to bass fish as well. Butler Chain has twelve great bass fishing lakes with plenty of docks, grass beds and drop offs to bass fish, and makes for a great year round bass fishing experience.

Lake Toho, what can one really say about this great body of water. Many articles have been written about this place, and many tournaments happen here every year. Everything from local club tournaments to B.A.S.S. tournaments. The spawn out on Lake Toho, which generally starts in early January is probably some of the best bass fishing, when it comes to targeting the trophy sized bass.

Anglers from all over the country, and the world will come here to fish the spawn, in search of that trophy bass, the ultimate in wall hangers, the TEN POUND BASS or bigger! We love fishing this body of water. Live wild shiners are a great bait for catching not only big bass, but some good numbers as well.

East Lake Toho has been another great place as of late. This lake back in the day offered some of the best bass fishing around. With all the big bass being caught and kept, it took its toll on the lake, and the bass fishing had dropped off. I have been fishing it a lot more the past few years, and have been seeing a steady increase in not only the numbers of bass being caught, but also some good size showing back up.

Lake Jackson is another one of those bodies of water, in years past was the place to be. With the heavy bass fishing pressure, and the lack of practicing catch and release, this place took a beating as well. With time all wounds heal and Lake Jackson is rebounding very nicely now.

Florida Bass Fishing has been doing great on Butler Chain of Lakes. If your looking for an Orlando Bass Fishing Guide and want to catch some bass and enjoy the beautful waters Florida Has to offer, give me a call. Capt Tim Fey Florida Bass Fishing Guides 321-303-9207

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