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Summer Family Fishing Fun

What a great day on the lake with Ted, Katie and Karren with big numbers and some Okeechobee Hogs! Katie the youngest at 11 years old, caught the biggest fish of the day, weighing in at 7lb and a second one at 6lb. Ted and Karren did a great job as well, they caught some […]

Lake Toho Family Fishing Trip

                We just arrived back home, and during the ride back my wife and I asked the two kids, what they enjoyed best about our Florida trip? Even with the amusement parks, Sea World, and Gator land the first thing out of our boys mouth was the fishing […]

Young Carter’s a Pro on Lake Toho

We had a great time on the water with the Wartman family Bass fishing on Lake Toho.   The King of the day was young Carter, who showed he knew how to bass fish!! This young man not only could cast perfectly to areas, but showed everyone he knew how to work the big gal […]

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